2024 Winter School

WPI-SKCM² at Hiroshima University & WPI-I²CNER at Kyushu University

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Dates: Monday, December 9 – Friday, December 20, 2024

Who: The School is mainly targeted at graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, as well as advanced undergraduates. Early-career professionals from industry may also have interest in the topics covered in the School.

Location: WPI-SKCM² at Hiroshima University & WPI-I²CNER at Kyushu University

Registration: Coming soon

More information to come!

WPI-SKCM² Schools aim to provide interdisciplinary expert training in knot topology and chirality, which is not easily accessible within the traditional system of graduate education and postdoctoral apprenticeship. Emerging scientists will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from leading experts in the realm of knotted chiral meta matter. Topics covered will include metamaterials, knot theory, topological solitons, chirality, soft matter, magnets, colloids, polymers, quantum materials, biomaterials, proteins, active matter, origins of life, and energy efficiency.

WPI-SKCM² Schools also aim to foster the growth of early-career researchers. The Schools provide a forum for them to showcase their research through both oral and poster presentations, strengthen networks through community-building activities, enhance professional development through special symposia and forums, and learn about the world and culture of Japan.

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