Global SKCM²

Our aim at WPI-SKCM2 is to build a strong global research environment that facilitates seamless collaboration among researchers worldwide.  This brain circulation will ensure top-quality, interdisciplinary scientific results and innovation.

Research exchange and co-mentorship

WPI-SKCM2 sponsors the exchange of students and postdocs between HU and WPI-SKCM2 nodes, including the institutions of our domestic and international PIs and co-PIs, as well as affiliate members.  Notably, the SKCM2 InternKNOTship Program is an academic internship designed to allow young researchers from all over the world to visit Hiroshima University to work in collaboration with WPI-SKCM2 members in the field of knotted chiral meta matter.  Additionally, postdocs are mentored by a team of three WPI-SKCM2 PIs and co-PIs from different disciplines, and ideally, different institutions and/or countries. Postdocs benefit from broad disciplinary and international perspectives as well as the opportunity to travel and work at WPI-SKCM2 node institutions.

Seminars, Colloquia, and Schools

WPI-SKCM2 hosts a weekly hybrid seminar series, inviting researchers from across the globe to present on a variety of topics related to the center’s focus. In addition to this, our WPI-SKCM2 colloquia series features presentations by highly distinguished researchers in the field. Beyond formal discussions, both lunch and tea times serve as valuable opportunities for all WPI-SKCM2 members, ranging from students to faculty, to engage in informal interactions with each other and the invited guests.

Each year, WPI-SKCM2 organizes a school where members gather for a duration ranging from a week to a month, fostering extensive discussions and idea exchange. The major goal of the schools is to combine advanced graduate-level education and the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and the best practices of research and education around the world. Some schools are hosted at HU, while others will be at different WPI-SKCM2 nodes or other selected venues.

To complement the educational missions of the annual school, WPI-SKCM2 plans symposia and workshops with the top international researchers to learn about the most recent scientific developments in the field. The schools, symposia, and workshops are included for WPI-SKCM2 members and varying levels of funding are available for young researchers from external institutions.

International Research Environment and Support System at HU 

To facilitate international collaboration, WPI-SKCM2 has a team of researcher support staff that can assist with travel, employment, and daily life in Japan.  WPI-SKCM2 is committed to incorporating best practices and methodologies into our daily operations and facilities.