The WPI, which began in 2007 by the Japanese government, supports the development of “globally visible” research centers hosted by various universities across Japan.  The main missions of WPI centers are 1. “World-leading scientific excellence and recognition,” 2. “Global Research Environment and System Reform,” and 3. “Values for the Future.”

Hiroshima University’s new WPI center, SKCM2, is working on these missions by introducing a new research paradigm that develops artificial analogs of nature’s building blocks, like atoms.  This work will allow for a deeper understanding of the world and the ability to design materials with highly desirable properties not encountered in nature.  Such materials create the foundations for technological innovation to solve global problems and enable a sustainable future. While pursuing this research, we will create a testbed for research-based graduate education reforms in Japan and beyond, connecting young talent globally.

To achieve our goals, WPI-SKCM2 needs your support in acquiring funds for our early stages of development.  We are in the process of designing a state-of-the-art research facility that will connect all of our researchers and students to encourage brain circulation and provide our team with the resources and facilities needed to conduct groundbreaking discoveries.  We have naming opportunities for this new building and graduate student fellowships to express our gratitude for your contribution to supporting science for sustainability. 

If you would like to make a donation to WPI-SKCM2, please find the instructions here: Please specify “WPI-SKCM2” on your donation form.