Organization & Admin

WPI-SKCM2 is led by the Center Director, Dr. Ivan Smalyukh.  WPI-SKCM2 was established with 19 Principal Investigators (PIs) that are located at Hiroshima University and at other Japanese and international universities and work across diverse disciplines while collaborating to create the new paradigm of knotted chiral meta matter.  

WPI-SKCM2 and the Center Director are supported by the Steering Committee, which helps to ensure the effective administrative and technical support of research, education, and outreach/dissemination.  

Steering Committee Members

Director: Ivan Smalyukh

Administrative Director: Shinichi Tate

Deputy Director for Education: Katsuya Inoue

Deputy Director for Science: Hikaru Yabuta

Deputy Director for Outreach and Dissemination: Yuka Kotorii

Diversity and Human Resources Lead: Misako Aida

Grant Administrator Lead: Noriko Shiomitsu