Hiroshima University World Premier Institute Science Introduction Tour

Come and join us for a truly unique experience! WPI-SKCM² is opening its doors to the public to welcome anybody with a curious mind to try our Science through Virtual Reality experience and other hands-on research-related activities here at Hiroshima University.

We invite you to come and see where our world-class researchers work to discover and harness the power of fundamental science to build new and sustainable materials. Whether you are young or mature, a child or a senior citizen – this experience is open to all who are looking to discover something amazing and new!

With our research demonstrations and Science through Virtual Reality program, we give those of all ages the opportunity to observe the unobservable; to walk under and around, and examine from every angle the scientific constructs such as the “knot”. Our international affiliate members who have tried it agree, “it is a very good way to introduce complex and abstract concepts that we can not usually see or touch”. Furthermore, if interested, you can see the facilities that researchers use in their discoveries, both in Hiroshima and in top international research centers affiliated with the WPI-SKCM², like MIT, Cambridge U and U of Colorado. You will be able to see what the microscopic world looks like in a microscope, and you will learn how many other amazing tools are used by researchers in their scientific discoveries and new technology developments.

The Science through Virtual Reality experience has been especially popular with young visitors of WPI-SKCM²! Children who have visited the facilities and tried the VR program expressed that it was “really fun” and “just like a game but better”. However, this mix of high-tech visuals and education is the first step in the journey to a passion for science using technology that is currently captivating the world. If you want to give your child a spark of interest in the wider world of science and cultivate an interest in education, this is an opportunity to join them in the fun of discovery, and show them that learning can be an adventure! 

So why not join us for a while, and explore the world of WPI-SKCM²?

To register for a slot, please visit the Hiroshima University World Premier Institute Science Introduction Tour page.

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