SKCM² Sparks Lively Conversations with Seminar Speakers Over Lunch

As a newly established research institute, SKCM2 is persistently striving to enhance its research and learning environment. In line with this effort, SKCM2 launched its inaugural seminar luncheon, open to all SKCM2 members, to encourage scholarly exchange with researchers visiting SKCM2.  

The first lunch, on May 25, 2023, was with Dr. Carlos Naya Rodriguez from Jagiellonian University, Poland, whose interdisciplinary research interests and international academic career path are in line with the missions of SKCM2 and the WPI program.  After the research seminar, nestled in the cozy coffee/tea room, Dr. Rodriguez joined members of SKCM2, from faculty to postdocs and students, for lunch to discuss and exchange ideas in an informal setting. 

It was an excellent start, marked by lively exchanges and laughter, signs of a thriving collegial community.  This new initiative offers an outstanding opportunity for students to learn more about academic life, a perspective generally absent from classroom lectures and textbooks. Takuma Iwata, a student from Dr. Akio Kimura’s laboratory, noted the inclusive nature of the lunch, saying, “Since we were seated regardless of status, I felt it was a great opportunity to interact with a variety of people.”

Dr. Rodriguez’s seminar marked the 20th weekly seminar at SKCM2.   Thus far, the seminar series has hosted SKCM2 PIs from our international nodes, distinguished international scholars, SKCM2 post-doctoral researchers, as well as potential collaborators at other departments across Hiroshima University.  The seminar series and lunch are significant efforts towards SKCM2’s mission of interdisciplinary and international science for sustainability. All are warmly welcome to attend seminars, and SKCM2 members are cordially invited to join lunch.

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