Akio KimuraCo-Principal Investigator

Condensed Matter Physics (Experiment): Low Dimensionality, spin-orbit Interaction, Ferromagnetic Compounds, Spin Resolved Electron Spectroscopy, spin- and angle- resolved photoemission, Orbital Moment, Magnetic Thin Film, nano materials, Magnetic Circular Pichroism


Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Physical Science, Professor



Kimura aims to establish new scientific principles to comprehend not only fundamental sciences, such as the unique physical phenomena arising from chiral, knotted, and topological electronic states of materials, but also to tackle the development of next-generation quantum devices utilizing these phenomena. To execute this project, Kimura will assemble cutting-edge instruments with unprecedented functionality capable of measuring spin states in nano-sized materials and electron spin dynamics at the femtosecond scale. Kimura envisions fostering young international researchers who can spearhead the forefront of global advancements in the next generation.
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