Muneto NittaCo-Principal Investigator

High energy physics, field theory, string theory, in particular topological solitons, nonlinear sigma models


Keio University, Department of Physics at Hiyoshi Campus, and Research and Education Center for Natural Sciences



I started my academic carrier as a theoretical high energy physicist, and am now working on both high energy physics and condensed matter theory paying attention to topology and symmetry.
[high energy physics]
topological solitons, instantons, monopoles, Skyrmions, Hopfions, vortices, non-Abelian vortices, fractional vortices, lumps, baby Skyrmions, domain walls, higher-form symmetry, higher group, generalized global symmetry, resurgence theory, bions, Nambu-Goldstone modes, spontaneous symmetry breaking, nonlinear realizations, supersymmetry, supersymmetric gauge theories, Casimir forces, axions, two-Higgs doublet models, Beyond the Standard Model.
[nuclear and hadron physics]
dense QCD, color superconductors, quark matter, nuclear matter, neutron superfluids, 3P2 superfluids, quark-hadron continuity, chiral solitons lattices, neutron stars, pulsars, pulsar glitches.
[condensed matter physics]
chiral magnets, ultracold atomic gases, Bose-Einstein condensates, superconductors, superfluids, topological superconductors, topological materials, Majorana fermions, non-Abelian anyons, topological quantum computations, FFLO phases, inhomogeneous phases, magnetic Skyrmions, quantum vortices, magnetic domain walls, chiral soliton lattices, domain-wall Skyrmions.
[mathematical physics]
moduli spaces, complex manifolds, hyper-Kahler manifolds, Kahler manifolds, Calabi-Yau manifolds.
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