Carlos Naya Rodriguez (Jagiellonian University) Skyrmions as versatile solitons

Hybrid, VBL 204 & Zoom

In the last years, the study of topological solitons and related structures has attracted much attention in different realms of physics. These are particle-like solutions to non-linear field equations whose stability comes from the topology of the base and target spaces. One particular example corresponds to Skyrmions, proposed by the English physicist T. R. H. Skyrme in the sixties of last century. They arise within an effective theory of strong interactions for a solitonic description of nuclei. In addition, similar structures are known to appear in other systems like liquid crystals or magnets. In this talk, we will review some breakthroughs of Skyrmions for the description of nuclei, especially when coupled to rho mesons, besides considering their potential emergence as similar 3D solitons in frustrated magnets and Skyrmion tubes in liquid crystals.

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