Prasanna S. Ghalsasi (M. S. U of Baroda): Attempts to unravel different forces for generating chiral compounds

Hybrid, VBL 204 & Zoom

Chirality is a pervading aspect of nature, and displays characteristic behavior during formation, existence, and sustainable functional processes. Chirality at molecular level (amino acids), supramolecular level (DNA helix) and macroscopic universe level is well documented but their mutual interdependence is still far from understanding. Why do experimental conditions during synthesis of chiral molecules always yield a pair of enantiomers, (right-handed and left-handed molecules in equal amounts)? Which type of conditions result in the formation of only single-handed compounds? My talk will highlight extensive literature before discussing our own results in this direction on chiral molecular magnets (cyanide/azide/nitroxide radical based), chiral multiferroics, alpha-BeF2, chiral-Fe2O3 and BINOL. With these pictures in mind interesting curiosity driven experiments were designed and the present developing stages will be also discussed.

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