Exploring Topology and Chirality: A Summer of Discovery at (HU)²

WPI-SKCM² is pleased to extend a warm welcome to graduate students, postdocs, and those interested in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of topology and chirality to attend the Summer School at (HU)² + joint WPI-ICReDD Research Symposium. The first part of the event from July 10-16, 2024 will be held at Hokkaido University, and the remaining days from July 17-19 will be held at Hiroshima University. The event will be organized in a hybrid manner, so online participation is also welcomed.

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In this 10-day event, participants will enjoy an enlightening series of lectures and research talks from top-notch professors in the realm of knotted chiral meta matter, including Jorn Dunkel (Mechanics & Knots; Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Sophie Jackson (Knots & Proteins; University of Cambridge), and Ingo Dierking (Chirality in liquid crystals and soft matter; Manchester University).

As one of the highlights of the School, on July 11, WPI-SKCM² and WPI-ICReDD, Hokkaido University’s WPI Institute, will present a joint research symposium showcasing the latest research at both institutes. WPI-ICreDD specializes in chemical reaction design and discovery from an interdisciplinary lens.

Participants should also not miss the poster sessions, where they are highly encouraged to share their research. This will be a fantastic opportunity for participating researchers and scientists to strengthen their robust network that can enhance academic collaboration and contribution.

In addition, the final day of the School will feature an entrepreneurship panel, designed to provide participants with insights into taking their fundamental science discoveries and transforming them into marketable innovations.

The School will also include a day trip in Hokkaido to explore the northernmost prefecture of Japan. We hope participants will enjoy this interdisciplinary and multicultural schooling experience.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board.

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