Who we are

The International Institute for Sustainability with Knotted Chiral Meta Matter (SKCM2) is funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s (MEXT) World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI). Our team of researchers cross-pollinates mathematical knot theory and chirality knowledge across disciplines and scales with the goal of creating designable artificial knot-like particles that exhibit highly unusual and technologically useful properties, which will both deepen our understanding of nature as well as be allow for technological innovation to solve global problems, such as climate change.

What we do

As a WPI center, our main missions are 1. “World-leading scientific excellence and recognition,” 2. “Global Research Environment and System Reform,” and 3. “Values for the Future.”

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Help us shape the future of science and sustainability at SKCM2. Your support is crucial to our mission, particularly as we lay the groundwork for our innovative journey. We're building a state-of-the-art research facility - a hub where our scientists and students will connect, collaborate, and make groundbreaking discoveries. And your donation will help drive science for sustainability and leave a lasting impact.


Outreach Request

Invite SKCM2 to your high school. We're passionate about sparking curiosity in the next generation by sharing the fascinating science of knots and chirality. To make learning even more exciting, our visits feature meeting with a scientist, immersive virtual reality experiences, and hands-on activities. Contact us to arrange a visit.

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Researcher support

Experience the wonder of Japan without the hurdles. At SKCM2, we offer extensive support for researchers, simplifying life in Japan so you can concentrate on making groundbreaking discoveries. Find more resources about coming to Japan here.

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